Associate Engineer

Associate Engineer

Core Competencies

  • You are able to work on tasks which are allocated to you usually by a lead from the InfraCloud team or a customer team. You care about the quality of work you do and have attention to every detail.
  • If you get blocked on something - you seek help. You try to solve an issue using all usual means of help such as documentation, Stack Overflow and others but if you are not able to solve something within 30-40 minutes, you seek help.
  • You know how to use documentation effectively in the context of a technology that you already know or are learning new. You understand that while point solutions on Stack Overflow or other places are sometimes good to find quick solutions. But you care about understanding how things work and reading corresponding pages in documentation to understand the thing that you solved.
  • You are open to being vulnerable to the fact that you may not know everything - and asking a question does not make you feel less knowledgeable.
  • You communicate in clear language - to customers, internal team members and the lead(s).
  • You frame the context of an issue you are facing clearly so that others can help you, instead of asking generic questions without the context that a person who wants to help would need.

Functional Competencies


  • You listen carefully to understand the task/request being made and if some parts are not clear, you ask questions and get clarity on the task.
  • If your task is getting delayed due to technical difficulties or debugging taking time etc., you communicate frequently and clearly to customers and lead as appropriate.

Delighting People

  • You think of ways we can improve and ways we can delight people and discuss with your colleagues and improve your understanding of this space.
  • You seek feedback on areas that you need to work on from your lead every 1:1 which happens monthly.
  • You offer feedback to lead and customers on how we can improve systems, technologies and processes.

Organization Building

  • You actively participate in some organization-level activities to learn more about the organization. An indicative list of activities:
    • Internal technical meetups
    • Being a shadow interviewer to learn how to interview
    • All Hands Meetings, Engineering meetings
  • There are times when the work is a priority and you understand that you might miss attending such activities and you will catch up on recording later.

Social Capital

  • You actively seek to understand community-level activities and initiatives such as meetups, conferences, and social causes.

Behavioral Competencies

Enabling Traits

  • Questions: Asking questions is your best friend at this stage. You don’t hesitate to ask them and never feel that asking a question will show you in a bad light. In fact not asking a question might limit your knowledge and understanding of the things you are working with.
  • Bias for action: In short - Talk is cheap, show me the code. You know that you can watch many videos and read many articles but trying out things in that context is much more important and useful to increase your knowledge.
  • Connected InfraCloud core values: Being Resourceful & Being Candid

Broad Indicators

As a broad range indicator, your time and energies are roughly split in the following proportions.

Split of responsibilities in the role Core: ~80%
Management: ~5%
Delighting People: ~5%
Organization Building: ~5%
Social Capital: ~5%
Enabling Traits: We expect these traits to be demonstrated consistently in your role.
Approximate Tenure in this role
(This is not meant to be exact tenure - some people move up in half time and some take 100% more for example)
~1 year